Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tips For Maintain Ideal Temperature And Humidity Inside Your Home

The air conditioning system is really important at your home to maintain the right temperature for you and your family. But, do you know that your air conditioner will become less effective over time if they are not properly maintained.

There are many issues that are unavoidable due to age, but some of them can be halted by removing dust, dirt and other elements build up inside the system. Proper maintenance is required for improving the efficiency of the system and increasing lifespan.

Due to the accumulation of unwanted elements in the system, the entire unit starts degrading and consumes more energy than required for maintaining the right environment. Here are some tips to maintain the right temperature & humidity Indoor.

1. Do AC Maintenance in Spring Season
Annual maintenance is really important for different types of air-conditioners, especially before summer arrives. If you cannot do it on your own then you can also hire professionals who offer this service such as a qualified team from ducted air conditioning Sydney.

This maintenance work will include tightening of all the screws and nuts, lubricating fan and motor, cleaning the entire system, checking the coolant level and looking for any fault that may cause trouble in the future.

After tuning up your air-conditioner, it will retain its high efficiency, consume less energy and also avoid any major failure. Don’t Forget your Compressor. The outdoor unit is also an important part of your air-conditioning system.

To maintain the high-efficiency of your home air-conditioner, keep the coils of condenser clean always. If the coils are dirty then it means they are working hard to maintain the right efficiency.

Take a garden hose and clean the pipes but be careful that all the switches are in turn off position otherwise you may get a heavy shock. While removing dirt and dust from the coils, make sure that fins may not get affected.

Fins are delicate and may easily break. Also, inspect the fins, if you find any bend in these and use a butter knife and make them straight. Clean the area surrounding the compressor unit. Any obstacle near the compressor will block the air and makes the system less effective.

2. Replace Air Filters
The air conditioner is comprised of filters that remove the dust particle, pollutants, and harmful microorganisms to circulate clean air inside your home. These filters collect the surrounding air, filter it out and throw back the filtered air.

After that same cycle repeats again and again. Due to the continuous repetition of the same cycle, some dirt particles accumulated in filter and it gets clogged up. This will bock the air flow into the handles and results and various problems such as strain to the system and reduced running efficiency.

After replacing the air filters not only it performs with high efficiency but also sustains a healthy indoor environment. While replacing air filters refer to the manual of your air-conditioner and purchase the same size of new filters.

3. Properly Clean All Ducts
Over time, ducts in the HVAC may be clogged with dust, dirt, and lint. The blocked ducts will restrict the smooth airflow and this will force your system to work more than required and consume more energy. Therefore, it is really important to regularly clean the ducts of ducted air conditioning Sydney for maintaining adequate air flow.

4. Inspect The Insulation Of Pipe & Wiring system
If the pipe connected with air-conditioner is not properly insulated or defected then your AC power is going in vain. Torn insulation of pipe will escape the cool air can from the room and reduce its efficiency.

Therefore, while doing maintenance don’t forget to check the insulation of pipe. If you find it defected then remove the old insulation and replace it with the new one. Turn off the power supply first and after that start inspection of condenser wiring. Find out if there are any signs of overheating or wear & tear. If you observe any sign, then its time to call the professionals who can fix the issue.

5. Turn It Off When Not Required
To save the energy bills and to maintain its good efficiency for a long period of time, turn off your cooling device. It is an ethical and environmentally friendly effort. Try to save more energy and contribute to a green environment.

6. Control the Indoor Humidity level
Do you know that the humid atmosphere is favorable for the production of mold and mildew that can generate respiratory problems? During hot weather, the high humidity level is a common issue everywhere.

Therefore, it is really important to reduce the level of humidity inside the house and maintain a good indoor atmosphere. The air-conditioning system can help us in maintaining the right humidity level. But, if proper maintenance of air conditioners does not happen on a regular basis then they will fail to sustain an ideal humidity level. 

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