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Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Moving Garage Sale

There comes a time in everyone’s live where they decide they have to move from their current homes. Sometimes, it’s due to external forces such as job promotion or moving in with your spouse into a new city. Or it might just be because you are not satisfied and happy with the current place you are abiding in. Perhaps, the security of neighborhood has gone down or maybe there are no good schools for your kids anymore. Whatever the reason, we can all agree that moving is one momentous and daunting task! That is why we have compiled a whole list of tips you need to know when you are moving from Pennsylvania. 

For instance, you could get rid of things you don’t want anymore by donating it to other charities or recycling them. You can set a reset on your life this way! But you need to remember crucial points such as the fact that you need to hire the Best Moving Companies PA if you want a successful move and that can cost a lot. 

Hosting a Pre-Garage Sale

You should consider hosting a pre-move garage sale to help you easily get rid of things you do not need anymore, especially the small items. Garage sales are excellent way to get rid of the things and make extra money to cover the moving expenses, and maybe even treat yourself with good food. Apparently, it seems like the pre-garage sale has no other benefit than making money. However, it is more than that. The less luggage you have to load on the moving truck, the lighter and cheaper the truckload will be. Moreover, you also would not have to worry about unpacking as you would only be carrying important stuff with you. This is because long distance movers of PA charge more considering the distance they need to cover so it is better you get rid of your old things. 

Packing the Important Stuff 

You need to sort and categorize everything that you own before you pack everything or give them to charities. The things you use on a frequent basis and that are important to you should be packed for moving. Make sure you label them completely. As for the extra items you don’t need anymore, you can put those to the pre-moving garage sale or give them to recycling stations.

Here are all the tips you need to know regarding hosting your pre-move garage sale. 


Decide the Date and Time 

You should be smart to pick the right date and time for the garage sale, preferably a Saturday or Sunday. This is because weekends are the best time to get people to visit the sale and purchase your items. Moreover, your friends and family can even help you out with the sale and packing. Depending on the weather conditions, you should prefer moving in spring as there are less chances of rain or extreme chilly weather. Hence, people can easily come out of their houses for the garage sale. 

Permit From Local Authorities 

There are usually no problems regarding hosting a garage sale, but just to be on the safer side you should get a permit. Call your local city hall in PA and confirm whether you need a permit for the sale or not. Plus, make sure you ask about all the details regarding it! And you should do it at least 3 or 4 weeks before the decided time so that you have enough time for preparations.

Make a list

Just like any real store will do, you will want to keep an inventory or list of the items you are selling on the garage sale. It helps you stay organize. You should only sell the items which are in good and usable condition as well!  

You Can Sell Anything

You should not just focus on cabinets and closets for sorting garage sale items. Your neighbors and other people in PA can buy anything from you which they will find useful. You should check your attic, basement, garage and shed. From the the smallest sewing kit to the biggest appliance you have, you can potentially sell anything. 

Advertise your Garage Sale

The most common advertisement used for the garage sale is a simple sign on the side of the road. However, it is not that effective. In that case, you can spread the word on social media. Plus, you could print out flyers and ask local businesses to post them on their windows if they do not mind. 

Ask Neighbors to Join

If you do not have much items for a garage sale, you can ask one or more of your neighbors if they will like to host a garage sale on the same day as you and then you all can decide time and date together. It will also enable you to advertise to more people and may turn your day more enjoyable.

Price Setting

Remember, the main objective behind the garage sale is to make money. But in case if you set the prices too high, you’ll have less buyers. The name “garage sale” itself means it will have good deals for the buyers. People setting the prices, you should visit any garage sale happening near you or price them somewhat lower than what a secondhand shopkeeper would charge. 

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