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7 places to visit in Trinidad and Tobago

Formed as only one nation, Trinidad and Tobago are two different islands with very different aesthetics and culture too. Trinidad is the most famous of both due to its busy ports, tourist’s attractions, and the colonial and Renaissance-style architecture. Not only this, Trinidad gives the tourists the cultural blend of Creoles, Africans, Amerindians, Europeans, and East Indians. That is why it is all about culture and values.

On the other hand, Tobago is less developed but is showered by nature's love. With lush green rainforests and white sand beaches, it is a paradise for tourists. If one wants to live far from the world for some time in the lap of nature, then Tobago out these two islands is the place for you- due to the pristine and dramatic topography. You can book your flight ticket of this place using Paytm Referral with great discount.  So, if you are planning to visit these islands, then here are some of the best places we have listed for you which you can visit and make your trip memorable:

1. Maracas Bay

Just a forty minutes drive from the capital city, Port of Spain, Maracas Bay is one of the most visited tourist attraction plus the most famous beach in Trinidad. With palm long trees all around and the white sand which shines when the sun hits it with its full glow, this beach looks stunning. You can take the tour to the rainforests near this beach and see how stunning everything is here. Also, check out some tasty seafood near the beach.

2. Pigeon Point

In the island of Tobago, Pigeon Point is such a wonderful place to spend some time at- thanks to the pristine nature it has all around. The white sand, blue water, and peaceful environment make this beach incredible and beautiful. Also known as the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, you have to pay some entrance fees to check this coral-cost. You can also hire Sun loungers and also go for snorkeling trips to Buccoo Reef. Not only this, a swim at Nylon Pool which is having crystal clear turquoise water will refresh you fully.

3. Port of Spain

Capital of this country, this city has many colonial architectured buildings which take its visitors back into time. Highlights of Port of Spain include Renaissance-style Red House Parliament in Woodford Square, and the "Magnificent Seven," which is a collection of some luxurious mansions. Near the Queen's Park Savannah, you can also visit the Royal Botanic Gardens and the National Museum and Art Gallery. You can also try the whole city tour known as Port of Spain City tour.

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4. Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Caroni Bird Sanctuary is located in the south of Port of Spain is just the place to go for nature lovers. The waterways where the Scarlet Ibis, which is the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago resides, boat tour cruises, bird viewing- this place has a lot for nature lovers. With large trees and enough biodiversity, one can find nirvana at this place. You can spot species like herons, egrets, cormorants, tree boas, anteaters, and caimans and take photographs too.

5. Little Tobago Island

On the Eastern end of Tobago Island, Little Tobago Island is the place where one must not miss the change to visit. It is basically an uninhabited bird sanctuary with some zig-zag trails. Climb up the hill and look at the sea- you can find red-footed boobies and frigate birds in their huge flocks. Also, try the tour of glass-bottomed boats which take you under the water to give you the insights of coral reefs. One can also take the tours of snorkeling to the reefs and hike to the peak of the island too.

6. Mount St. Benedict Monastery

Mount St. Benedict Monastery is one of the most dramatic landmarks in the island of Trinidad which is settled above the Northern Range Hills over Tunapuna. In 1912, Benedictine monks made their community and now this monastery is the largest and oldest in the Carribean land. The monastery contains religious buildings, a farm, a rehabilitation center, and guesthouse which was built for showing hospitality to the strangers. Moreover, this monastery is famous for yogurt which is even shipped to most parts of the country. You can book your hotel at this place using Oyo Coupons with great deals.

7.  Fort King George and the Tobago Museum

Fort King George and the Tobago Museum is one of the most famous places in the island of Tobago. Built in the 1780s, Fort King George and the Tobago Museum offers an incredible view of Scarborough Bay and the town too. With some large trees all around, this museum depicts the dramatic history of Tobago. You can see the remains of brick and stone walls, an early prison, the officers' mess, several cannons, and a lighthouse in the museum. Fort King George is also one of the most well-preserved forts on the island of Tobago. On the other hand, at the Tobago Museum, one can see the collection of antique maps, African Art, Amerindian artifacts, coins, and shells.

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