Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to Start a Home Based Patisserie!

Are you one of those aspiring pâtissiers that dream to rock into a home based patisserie venture some day? If you really are one of the sugar loving addicts, then let’s shake our hands together and welcome to my astounding world of delectable flavors, creamy charms and delightful truffles! I surely imagine that like me, you too desire to follow your dreams blindfolded and ravel into the enchanting world of candy coated delicacies! Be it be the glossy candy canes, spicy cinnamon rolls, sugar coated bunnies, gingerbread men, chocolate mice, frosted princesses, mouthwatering apple pie tarts or those cute, cute little pecan flavored cookies stored scrumptiously in large biscuit barrels, the world of confectionaries known no boundaries and if I’m asked to name the most beautiful place in the world, I’d simply like to hide myself in a candy floss corner of the sublime country of Candyland, like Dorothy did, in the Legends of Oz!

Imagine being woken up daily by the wafting aroma of flowery vanilla cakes, sweet peppermints, and heavenly brownies dipped in divine chocolate wonder and blue cheese doughnuts; the list is simply endless and I think, it’s high time that we leapt back from day dreaming and come back to the real world. The real world of tireless efforts and materialistic chaos. The actual reality that barely allows you to sleep lightheartedly and dream that special dream you wish that would never end.

But, to spring out of this mind muddle, one must chase the most precious dreams. And in this modernistic world, one can only survive by weaving dreams into reality. Yes, instead of doing something that you don’t enjoy, one must actually invest all the energies and efforts into chasing dreams and conjuring them into stunning reality! And this is what I exactly did five years back.
 One midsummer day, I left the ongoing hustles and bustles of the urbane lifestyle I had lead all life and shifted into a quaint looking parish with my daughter forever. When we left the town, I told her we are going to start a new chapter of life and it would be gingerbread men and cakes all day, I promised the little one. She almost got convinced that the food eaten by angels, in the form of bakery goods, would now be enjoyed by us day and night and she started thinking of some really yummy names to name our home based patisserie. And after days of brainstorming, we decided we could not find a nicer name than The Cupcake Courtyard!  

Well, I had spent an idyllic childhood, and I had heartily grown up playing make believe games and imitations of home based theatrical ventures with my siblings and friends. So, there were many incidents of noting hand written recipes from various, vintage cookbooks and playing the good old, honey smelling Mademoiselle Baker who would hum, sew and bake cakes all day! Today, the imaginary games of yesteryears have been effortlessly replaced by cooking shows, where the wannabe learners just stare at the cooking techniques shown on TV or simply, streaming each recipe on YouTube.

So, bounding back to our discussion, let us explore the miscellaneous aspects of starting a home based bakery business from scratch and as a newbie baker, this is what you really must know:
  • Use a unique, catchy name for your patisserie!
  • You must possess an ample knowledgeability regarding the safety of food items, their preparation and the possible risks of dietary concerns. For example, peanuts are particularly known for their association with allergies all over the world as compared to other nuts and suppose you decide to sell peanut delicacies, and in order to do that; you must disclose a labelled warning to warn the potential clients who might be allergic to peanuts.  
  • You must always stock a plentiful supply of ingredients and make sure you often indulge in a routinely shopping spree and get the best ingredients from the most renowned suppliers of baking goods.
  • Due to the incidence that a health inspector might like to pay you a visit, always keep your license or any other certified documents at an arm’s reach.
  • To be the unbeatable bakery brand, you must excel with an utmost proficiency to meet the giant competition battled between the signature bakery brands.
  • Obtain a detailed information regarding collection of sales tax earnt from the bakery items you sell. You might get an online sales tax permit and it might require you to pay monthly or quarterly, depending upon your sales.
  • Establish an LLC or any other business enterprise instead of becoming the sole proprietor, as it may ward off the risks and burdens of handling possible business losses single handedly.
  • At the subsiding start, focus only on the best bakery items that you can make like a pro. As soon as gain popularity, introduce a few more items on your bakery menu gradually and give the clients a convincing insight about the high grade ingredients used by you. This would not only upholster your sale, but also prove your goodwill as a caring baker that focuses on the health aspects of commercially sold food. For example, educate the client if the choice of ingredients hails from an organic farm or whether the multi grain contents of a bread are gluten free?
  • Craft a carefully articulated business plan.
  • Order the best cooking kits and make sure you overstock the supplies. This would help you to calculate the commercial expenditures and you would not have to mess them with personal baking ventures.
  • Last, but not the least, order the most elaborately shaped packaging for your bakery goods.
  • Get the best custom bakery boxes and make sure the boxes are labelled with a stamp of tax free goods.
  • Bake the bakery goods in the most eager manner, with all of your heart, to breathe the heavenly tasting whiff to your baked wonders.  
  • Advertise about the freshly opened bakery in your closely knit circle, social media and other sociable platforms.
  • Give complimentary bakery snacks to advertise the elegance and charisma of your cooking touch.
  • Start writing an interesting food blog to gain a large fan following of wannabe young cooks, mums to be and idle grannies!

Hope you really found this blog an informative one and I’m sure, you would be soon making the best of all the useful tips to initiate a home based bakery venture! It is a charming idea indeed, to open a home based bakery and I’m sure once you do it, you would be soon showered with an outpour of dollar bills day and night!

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