Tuesday, April 9, 2019

15 ways of making money online without of any investment

Making money from gambling and betting is considered one of the fastest ways, but our conscious gets hurt when we start opting with these methods. People often do not take making money online a serious way of earning, it is considered and likened to online betting and gambling. But, in this world of online making money, you sell your skills. Every human being comes with some special skills and capabilities, and here online; we sell those skills and earn money by sitting on your sofa.

In countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kenya and other progressive nations do not have any idea of what is the proper way of making money online. Every job that comes online, they think is a legit and real source of income, I am going to tell you the proper way of making money, and how one can make a difference either the job is real or fake.

In my opinion online making money is not that easy what most of the so-called gurus confuse, this is a proper business, and one should take this as a full-fledged business where you put all your energy and time to grow.

I know many people personally who had been fall prey of the scams. The scammers target needy people and ask them to pay for registration in some cases. They give you a captcha type of work, just to make you convinced a real work is coming to you. In initial days, they do pay you handsome money by doing actually nothing. When you invite other needy people around you, they also pay dollars to get registered, this is where they call off and take all the easy money and disappear.
This is not the only one example, there are dozens of example I can narrate myself.

"For making money either you cultivate the product, or provide services, there is only two ways of real business, any other  way will be considered a scam or fraud."

If you are providing services, like writing articles, editing blogs, Doing SEO, making designs, creating logos, this is the modern form of services.
Ad clicking and this kind of job is only a scam, they only make some design to deceive people. No one pays this handsome amount for that easy work; you should have balls for thinking about this.
But, today's episode is all about making money, genuinely, without of paying any big amount of money, most of the ways will be complete without of any investment.


For people, blogging is like expressing their thoughts or a hobby, or a way to communicate with the people. But, if you try hard in this, you can earn a handsome amount of money.
You will not believe on this, according to Forbes a website Huffington Post is making $14 million in one month.

I am not saying, you will start earning this amount of money in two or three years later, but there will a good amount of money, you would be earning after spending this much of time. If you do a great research, and proper Keywords you use and then uphold a great blog, make the blog interesting for the people, or people can take help out of your blog.

While in blogging, you should be very passionate and patient, in starting you would get nothing but, if you hold patient, in some months, there will be good money in your hand.
You should pick a good topic, on which you have a good knowledge; it may be from cartoons, movies, reviews of the movies and much more.

Or you got a great knowledge of smartphones, mobile phones, and technical world, or you can select a multi-topic website, like a news website.
Google will provide you AdSense, and you will post ads on your website when you will get a good amount of traffic, people who visited the website will see ads and you will earn money in this way.
Google has a proper way for providing ads for the people who create blogs, AdSense is the platform and considered as one of the genuine and best-paying platforms.

YouTube Videos:

YouTube is one of the most watched video websites, people start using this video website as a search engine. According to recent reports, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world after Google.
People love to watch videos about their topics, instead of reading articles and contents. So, you can use this method to earn money.
You can create some interesting videos, using your mobile phone, can upload those videos on YouTube, you have no need to pay any amount for hosting, YouTube will host your videos, no worries about the length of the videos or the size of the video, it is all upon on YouTube.
Like in Blogging, you get an AdSense account for posting ads or displaying advertisement using your Website, in YouTube Google will provide AdSense for videos. And you are a capable enough to create great videos, which can attract people, YouTube will post ads on your videos, and the people will watch those ads along with videos, and you will get a good amount of money in this way.
There are many other sources of displaying advertisement on videos, you can make a deal with a brand to advertise them in your videos, and in return, they will pay you. So, it is all about of making good videos, which can give a good piece of information or can entertain people.
Drop Shipping:

You can start a drop shipping business to start earning a good amount of money. In this business also, you are not required to hold any experience or money to invest in. You make a deal with a warehouse, about giving the customer to them, they will hold all the stocks and all the shipping, and you are only responsible for giving the customer.
The business starts from when you use any website to like Shopify, Aliexpress, Woocommerce or any other platform to start making money.
You have your own social media traffic, or branding, you are going to use the name of your brand or use the traffic to sell the product.

People will visit your store, an online store to purchase products, you do not have any physical product, the platform which you are using will provide the product, you only give them the traffic, the product will be delivered to your customer, and they will pay the amount to given account number. In this way, you can earn a good amount without of any great effort, just providing the customer or using your social media presence for making good money.
Freelancing websites:

Freelancing websites can provide you a fortune if you hold a good skill to sell on.
There are about hundreds of Freelancing websites, which are giving work to the skilled people. The way of working of these websites is to take benefits and give benefits. When you want to some work to be done for you, for example, you need a logo designer, which can design a great logo for you. You post this on freelancing website, about your need and requirement, the person which holds skills in designing will contacts with you about creating a logo of your choice.
You will get your job done, and the person who build this did nothing just use the skills which were wasting before or paying nothing.

This was the one example, on freelancing websites; you can find work about any type. You just know your skills and create a profile on there, mention your skills and have some patience; you will start getting work and money very soon. Upwork, freelancers, Fiverr, Iwritters are some biggest freelancing websites; you can visit them and have some understanding of the work and job.
Article Writing:

Content writing or content creating is another way of making a good amount of money. You only earn when you got some good skills in writing English with proper SEO optimized articles. You express the thoughts with your pen, and content writing in this age has become one of the real sources of earning bread and butter.
You would have seen people earning thousands of dollars with just content creation. You even can join some big platforms, if you cannot find friends manually. Like, Fiverr, Freelancers, Upwork and this kind of websites do require some good content writer.
You should polish your skills before entering in this filed, like reading some good blogs, writing practice and your typing speed should be better than average.

Social Media marketing:

Social media has also evolved through the years, now; it has become a real source of income. The chances of earning good amount of money via Social media are increasing because Facebook has already announced their own advertising platform for the content and videos. Though this service is only available for some premium countries, there are great hopes; it will come around the corner one day. You can also make some money from buy instagram followers.
But, we should talk about available sources to earn money from Social media:

If you spend plenty of time on Facebook and know the real way of making good posts to attract people. You can create a Facebook page and can post the websites links on your FB page, like thousands of the people in Pakistan and India are doing the same, and earning a good amount.
But, you should create a real page, instead of using some shortcuts to increase the traffic of your Facebook page. Post some genuine and real incidents and grow your audience, after that start posting your own website's link or you can start selling the traffic of your Facebook page.

Flipping Websites:

This is the great source and platform of gearing up your income, if you can build a WordPress website, then you can earn a handsome amount there.
This is the platform where you can sell your website. Some entrepreneurs love to buy an already established website, they can build a good traffic, but it took a lot of time, so instead of wasting the time, the buy already established a website. In this way earning good amount of money becomes easier for the people who just join the online platform for making money. So, Flippa is the biggest platform for selling already established a website; you can visit the website for more information.

Sell online courses or tutor:

If you think, you have some very good skills which can be sold out online, and then you should create a good course and start making money.
The course can be about anything, it can be about learning English grammar, or writing good articles, or creating websites etc.
You should think about your especially first, then try to create a good course, as people require expertise in every matter of life, you can provide services and help them. You should create all the necessities required for the course like screenshots, files, slides etc. and then use LMS plugin to deliver the course to your audience.

Online consulting:

Sometimes instead of providing services to the users, you provide the right path and right way to go. You can create your own online consulting business, in which you provide people your expertise on different matters.
People take guidance from you which will help them to sort out their stuff in real life. As, you do not know the person really, or your customer does not know you physically, it becomes easier to share every problem in this way.
If you have an existing blog, then you can create a good post to offer people about online consulting, instead of creating a new website and rank it, existing website can be proved a good way of making money.

Creating videos, logos, designs

Creating good videos on different topics with useful information is now a top trend of making good money. Sometimes, people do not know how to create a good video using some graphics, or cartoons on a given topic. You can use that skill to cater the need of a customer in creating videos. Even you can create a gig on Fiverr on this topic. But, you should be capable of making good videos on given topic or incident.

Same happened in the case of Logos and designs. People need a good logo designer to create logos for their websites. Often you would have seen the post on Social Media. If you got some built-in skills in you for creating Google logos, you can polish this, use this as services and can earn money without of putting any investment.

Website developers:

Developing a website, according to the need of a customer is a really good source of income. People often find this type of services rarely, and good developers charge a good amount of money.
Though there are built in themes available on the internet, still some professional businessman finds this not good for a commercial point of view. They want to look their website different and catchy, which is the reason they require a good skilled equipped person for developing a website. I have seen lots of friends earning bread and butter through developing of the websites. You can create a profile on Upwork, and Fiverr with the gig of Website development.

Online Surveys:

The online sources of income which I have mentioned-above needed some kind of expertise and skills. But, the job I am going to recommend does not require any kind of expertise or skills. You would have listened about taking an online survey; different companies give the task to the online job seekers for completing the surveys on different topics. You just register your account on Clixsense and get paid off the surveys. There is not the only job on this platform; there are plenty of jobs on this platform you can search for other Micro jobs.

Scripting of the videos:

Article writing and Scripting are considered as the same kind of jobs, and they are the same in the sense of writing. The flow of writing content for the videos and web is entirely different. That is the reason the online freelancing website, recommend you to have different gigs for both kinds of jobs
You can create content for the videos if you have some good skills over this. That video will speak the words which you will have written for them, so try your luck over there.

Search Engine Marketing:

That is the biggest and strongest way of making money online, and you only can have expertise in this filed, if you have spent much of your time in the ranking website. I do not think a newbie can stand over in this field but considered as a job in which you can get paid without of investment.
Google tries hard to give the best possible result to their users; it only takes care of the users, not websites. You need to know, how Google works and how Google ranks a website. What are the factors which make a website apple of the Google's eyes?

This field of SEO is very vast; there is hundreds of subcategory in this field. Like content writing, creating backlinks, on page SEO, off page SEO, Event blogging, and much more like this.
Most of the SEO gurus earn money by auditing the websites in SEO point of view, they will tell you the best possible way of ranking the website, and the loopholes in your website, which hurdling in ranking your website.
Final Words:
You should not think online world is a sheer easy way of making money, like in real world, people love to deal with an expert or professional, here also, people want to work with experts. You should pick your skill, polish it and then start working online.

For online working, the biggest challenge which I have faced is time, you have to spend plenty of time, and you should build patience, believe in yourself, and start another one if the first one has failed. But always learn from your mistakes, and do not bother so much if you fail in something, failure is the first step towards succeed.