Saturday, March 23, 2019

What is the Surest Way to Monitor an Android Phone?

Android phones demand is at their peak and everyone want to have the contemporary device in their hands. Millions of people over the years have purchased the user-friendly phone in order to make calls, to send and receive the text messages, audio and video calls and want to share photos and videos when connected to the internet. “Android smartphones are one of the open systems and the thing that really make it to the next level are it’s literally starts from the ground up to be customized in very powerful way”, Sundar Pichai said that.

Android Phones & Users

Android lovers are always in the search for having a newly launched phone with the latest specifications to enjoy the best features. According to the states there are millions of people that are using the android phones in the present world. On the other hands there are thousands of people that are looking forward the surest way to monitor android phone. There are following people that really need to spy on android cell phone.

Parents want to track Teen’s android phones

The rise in the rise in the use of Android mobile phones has also grasped the minds of the young generation and they have the obsession with the cell phones. They use the devices all day long for so many reasons. They send and receive text messages, make calls; they do chat- conversation and shared media files with their friends and family members. At the end of the day, they use social messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo and plenty of others alike. The young kids and teens use these apps and often faced social media vulnerabilities such as stalking, blind dating, sexual encounters, and hookups, become the victims of online bullies and often got health issues.

Employers VS Employees

In the business world most of the employers assigned android phones to their employees to deal with the company’s related issues or to deal with the customers such as listening to their queries. But sometime when employees use the company’s owned gadgets for their personal use, then the productivity of a particular employees decreased. Ultimately, they have to face losses or complain from the customers regarding customer care.

Spouses VS Partners

Since the android phones have come into existence and their ability to connect with the internet really put relationships in danger. The use of instant messenger has raised the issue of cyber infidelity cases over the years.  Spouses are reportedly involved in extra marital affairs by using the dating apps through Android phones. Let’s discuss how the person that wants to track someone android phone in a convincing way.

Install spyware on Android

The person who wants to monitor the android phone in the surest way they need to install phone spy software for android phones. Once they have installed it and after the activation, they can freely track the target Android phone completely whether they are parents, employees, and spouses. They can use the IM’s social media for the android tracking software. It enables users to get their hands on all the trendy social messaging apps and user will be able to view IM’s logs, text conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos.

 A user can record and listen to the calls in the real time of the target android phone with the help of spy call recorder app and then save all the recorded call on the online control panel. Users are free to remotely control the phone of kids and teens, employees and spouses. They can block all the text messages, incoming calls and even can block the internet. A user can use the Live Bugging of the Android spying app.  It allows user to listen to the surround sounds and conversation in real time with the help of spy 360 live surround listening. It further allows user to share the screen of the android phone in real time in the online control panel via spy 360 live screen sharing. However, user can use the keylogger to spy on all the keystrokes applied on the target phone. It will provide password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and even the email keystrokes.

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