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How would Australian SMS Marketing shape up in 2019?

SMS marketing is one of the key factors that drive a business. Mobiles have now become an integral part of our lives. We tend to do a lot of activities through our phones. Marketing specialists have identified SMS marketing as one of the most lethal tools to enhance sales. SMS marketing is nothing new and armed with a list of telemarketing database Australia, you can reach out better.

Given the fact that there the number of mobile phone users is ever increasing; SMS marketing is easy and effective. estimates that around 19.4 million people will be using phones in Australia in 2017. This means that SMS marketing will be one of the major tools that businesses should be investing in. SMS marketing is smart and cost-effective. Reliable network providers can offer companies a good bulk SMS plan.

A lot of brands have started using SMS marketing to engage its customers. The customer is the king and Email marketing offers a lot of avenues to polish this relationship. Bulk SMS will be sent to a number of people at the same time. For Eg, if the limit is 250 recipients at a given time, your SMS will reach these 250  recipients at the same time. Within almost 5 minutes of sending the SMS, it will be read and acted upon. That is incredibly fast! Besides SMS have more shelf life than emails. Research shows that SMSes are stored for a longer time. This creates an opportunity that the potential customer may return to the message later and take the desired action.

Customers will be mighty pleased to receive a text wishing them on their birthday. This creates a positive impact on the company in the minds of the customer. Even a simple reminder about an appointment or insurance payment can enhance customer relationship.

Effective SMS Marketing

The growing dependency on mobile phones ensures that we check the messages very often. It will be safe to assume that an average Australian will check his phone every 2 minutes. SMS  marketing is therefore direct and reliable. You speak to the end consumer directly. Whether it’s a Business to Business setup or Business to a customer, SMS marketing ensures that you reach your consumer within no time. The best part is you can always measure the success of your SMS  campaign by observing the trends.

Many small and big companies have reported that using promo codes has helped them see which consumers have come through SMS marketing.

A number of companies in Australia provide the database for cellphone directory Australia and  Australian consumer database. An effective SMS marketing strategy involves a series of SMS to your database.

The SMS could be simply informing about a new scheme/offer or just a reminder of the client’s appointment. Companies generally buy the database from data companies specializing in Australian mobile directory or Australia address list. You can also look for Mobile phone directory Australia that will give you a demographic result which can be used as per your target audience.

SMS marketing is already successful all around the world with bigger and smaller brands using it effectively. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing with the main focus on customer experience. Customers are at the center of everything and their experience is what will rule the roost even in 2018. One of the best ways to enhance customer experience is through client engagement.

 All of us at one point or the other have done online shopping and everyone is thrilled to know when their package will arrive. Don’t we get excited when a text informs us that our package is en route for delivery? That is an example of SMS marketing with enhanced customer experience. Another example would be when you offer a discount or promo code to your clients. Everyone loves a discount and SMS marketing helps you to reach to your potential clients in the fastest possible way.
Australia already has its anti-spam laws in place and the only thing a company needs to make sure is compliance. The best way to ensure consent is by getting your customers to sign their consent when they buy your product or service. Your SMS should have clearly opted in and opt out options so there is no forcing the consumers. Just like you send a thank you message when someone subscribes to your database, similarly, send a “sorry to see you go” message on opting out. This will only help in creating a positive perception of the brand. The customer feels a connect when they know that they matter to the company.

SMS Marketing in 2019

As informed earlier, Digital marketing will form a large chunk of marketing strategies and SMS marketing is a front-runner.  Unlike other forms of marketing, SMS marketing has the potential to reach a larger audience in minimum time. Mobile phones are used by elderly, teenagers and middle age people alike. It is not necessary to have a 3g or 4g enabled phone to receive and send SMS.
 Any person using a mobile phone can send or receive SMS. This makes SMS marketing a very effective tool. Australians are world leaders in the adoption of technology and have a good connect with brands through their mobiles. SMS marketing allows the companies to be creative and innovative with their texts.

 Ultimately this is a game of winning over customers through perseverance.
A lot of brands have been successful in 2017 with effective SMS marketing. The critical aspect of an SMS is that on an average it gets read within 3 minutes of receipt. No other marketing tool can boast of such a strike rate. SMS marketing is here to stay as the benefits are huge. Just like in 2017, SMS marketing will be the most used marketing strategies of 2018.

 In fact, companies have already put their SMS marketing plan in place for the 1 st quarter of 2017 with newer concepts and schemes. It is estimated that in 2017, SMS marketing will see more and more innovations and will feature as one of the most sought-after marketing strategies.

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