Saturday, March 23, 2019

Best bra brands

Are You Wearing These 5 Top Bra Brands?

Some bra brands are famous for a very good reason. Women who find a brand that makes them look and feel good will stick with it and recommend it to their friends, family, and anyone else who asks. Below are the brands that have seen their reputation build and build over the years, because of the quality and popularity of their bra collections.


Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wacoal is one of the world’s favorite bra brands. Wacoal bras come in pretty designs and sexy styles but are also known for their comfortable fit. As the company uses female designers to design its bras, you can be sure that they will fit in a way that’s both comfortable and practical for you as a woman. Wacoal recently launched its “b.tempted by Wacoal” range, which is targeted at the younger woman and offers particularly fun and flirty lingerie.

La Perla:

La Perla is known for the luxurious look and feel of its lingerie, and its range of bras is no exception. The thought put into the details and design, coupled with the quality of the materials used, means La Perla bras have become synonymous with luxury. The complex and refined materials used for the bras’ embellishments, in particular, include Leaver’s Lace, Soutache, and Frastaglio.  The brand’s most famous styles include its push-up, balconette, and triangle bras, but it also offers a selection of comfortable and practical t-shirt bras. See the La Perla Collection

Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s Secret is a brand that’s all about high glamour and seductiveness. The brand goes out of its way to come across as classy rather than trashy, and it succeeds in doing so. Its bras come in a wide range of colors and patterns, from hot pink to leopard print. One of the brand’s signatures is its push-up bras, and these come in a variety of styles, including halterneck, convertible, and conventional.


Possibly the most famous lingerie brand out there, Playtex today has a variety of ranges to suit any occasion, preference or body shape. The company’s signature criss-cross construction, as featured in its “Cross your Heart” range, means that its bras give wearers a smooth shape and good lift. Other ranges offering both comfort and style include “18 Hour”, “Thank Goodness it Fits” and “Playtex Secrets”. Playtex also offers a range of nursing and plus size sports bra.
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Le Mystere:

Le Mystere is a popular bra brand that excels at producing high-quality, everyday bras. Featured on several top-10 lists, Oprah's media properties, and the recipient of countless positive reviews on places like and, Le Mystere is a brand that is about excellent fit, timeless style, and impeccable quality. The Dream Tisha Bra is one of Le Mystere's most popular designs, one of the best bras available, and loved by women of all shapes and sizes.

These are five bra brands that it’s hard to go wrong with. If you aren’t happy with your current brand, or you’d like to branch out and try a few more, these brands are all good starting points.

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