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7 Diet Mistakes That you make while losing weight

In an effort to achieve faster and better results we often tend to do mistakes on the way forward towards losing weight. More, than these could be called a mistake, they are overdoes that works negative in our regime.
As per Best Dietitian In Delhi there are several dietary mistakes that can actually halt weight loss. It is why, they are all the more important to know and understand what they are and what we should do or not do and invite them. It is very easy and quite common to make these mistakes, especially when we are trying to lose weight. There are numerous times we thing that what we are doing or eating is right, but as per the body they might be the same.
Let’s know in details of some of these common mistakes that most of us make and fail in our efforts:

#1. Abstinence

Many who have been following a dietary regime to lose weight believe that a diet low in energy will help them lose weight fast and efficient and thereby, land up following a diet that is poor in nutrition.
It is all because when we tend to eat a diet low in energy, the body will automatically recognize that it is deprived of it and will turn the protective mode on, thereby, storing whatever energy is there in the body. So, seriously avoiding energy consumption will eventually lead to no weight loss.

#2. Restricting the amount of carbohydrates in the diet

Like the idea of eating an energy less diet, many believe that if they want to lose weight, they need to cut down totally on the intake of carbohydrate enriched foods like breads, green vegetables, rice and fruits that contains starch. This is again another wrong misconception.
Carbohydrates are equally important aspect in losing weight as proteins and other nutrients. Cutting down on its intake is no good in the process of weight loss. Rather the effort should be to cut on the intake of refined carbs from sweets, processed foods, cake, cookies and biscuits.

#3. Eating the wrong breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the first meal that we take and start our day, but it is also true that it is the most important meal of the day. First, of all we should never ever skip breakfast and especially when we are trying to lose weight. It kick starts our day and provides the body with all the energy we need to carry through the day.
All the more important is to pack the breakfast with power fruits that contains all essential nutrients to keep us full and moving. Just having some cereals with milk and a cup of coffee won’t do. You need to plan it out healthily with eggs, cereals, whole grain breads, fruits, milk and fresh fruit juices.

#4. Replacing meal with energy drinks and other fluids

For normal and healthy functionality of the body we need to eat whole grains, cereal, pulses, vegetable and fruits. All of these foods provides the body with essential poly-nutrients and antioxidants that no energy drink or bar or fluid can replace.
In short, there is no short cut to healthy living and effective and healthy weight loss.

#5. Not keeping tab of daily calorie consumption

Either eating too much or eating less – this is the most common mistake that most of us make while trying to lose weight? It is true that the formula of weight loss is more calories burned that consumed, but not eating enough could be by far more detrimental for our health.
Eat a minimum of 1000 calories a day and keep tab of your portion size to lose weight quick and effective.

#6. Improper intake of protein

Losing weight could be very difficult if we aren’t having enough proteins in our diet. Protein is an essential component of weight loss. Proteins helps boosting metabolism, keeping us fuller for longer and make us avoid overeating during meals.

#7. Believe that weight loss is all about special foods

 Many people believes that weight loss is all about financial capability. If you do not have money, you cannot lose weight. It is because they believe that weight loss is about expensive and special foods.
Whereas, the fact is that you need a well-balanced diet, that provides sufficient nutrients to the body accompanied by exercises or some sort of regular physical activities. Some easy and cheap foods like breads, low fat milk, soup, vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, eggs and fish are effective weight loss foods that we all take on a regular basis in our meals. These foods are not only low in cost, but are also rich in essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. 

Weight loss might seem to be the hardest of all task that we have ever performed – from following a dedicated and healthy diet, to working out physically to defining changes in our daily lifestyle and what not. But the issue arises when you do all the efforts and still find that you aren’t progressing with your achievements.

It isn’t that your efforts are not right, but is wrong is your approach and believes that does all the damages. Now, that you know the most common mistakes people make in their pursuit to lose weight, you can take care of all of them and see the positive changes.

There are many ways to lose weight, but the important thing is you must always maintain good health. So safe weight loss is essential. Select the effective, correct and appropriate method for yourself, you will find that weight loss is not as difficult as you thought

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