Saturday, March 23, 2019

15 Beautiful Ways of Wearing Crop Tops

Crop tops were a big hit in the 90S with celebrities like Britney Spears flaunting the look. But, it is back now, and if worn right suits every body type. Here are 15 ways of wearing women crop tops.
1. Crop top with a long skirt- Pair crop tops with long, flowing skirts to get the fairy tale princess look.

2. Crop top with a denim skirt- Get a stylish and modish look by pairing crop tops with denim or midi skirts.

3. Crop top with jeans- One of the easiest yet stylish way of wearing a crop top is by sliding a pair of jeans with it. This can be further styled as jeans can be of various kinds such as flared, high-waisted or bootcut.

4. Crop top with a saree- Not many are aware of the fact that a crop top can be also worn as a saree blouse. Ruffled and off-shoulder crop tops look fantastic. This definitely circumvents the pain of getting a blouse stitched. 

5. Crop top with palazzo- This can be styled in many ways and styled according to the event. Funky crop tops can be worn with a plain palazzo for a casual look. On the other hand, a chiffon crop top with a heavy silk palazzo looks amazing for parties.

6. Crop top with a lehenga- Pairing lehengas with crop tops are the best way of merging western and ethnic fashion. You can make a style statement.

7. Crop top with shorts- Loose crop top with shorts is the ideal attire for casual outings and sports events.

8. Crop top with suspenders- Be it half or full-length suspenders, wearingcrop tops with suspenders is the best option for those who don’t want to reveal a lot.

9. Crop top with a jacket- Another way of wearing crop tops without revealing much is by wearing a jacket over them. This adds another layer to the attire and looks extremely stylish.

10. Crop top with harem pants- Harem pants with crop tops are a very comfortable costume and give a hippie look.

11. Crop top with a pencil skirt- Even a simple pencil skirt with a crop top can be the perfect costume solution for a date.

12. Crop top with a Peplum skirt- Crop tops with peplum skirts are very elegant and aids in adding definition to the outfit.

13. Crop top with a flared skirt- Knee-length flared or A-line skirts look incredibly classy with a well-fitted crop top. Pair it with platform heels or wedges to get the perfect look.

14.Crop top witha high-waisted skirt or trouser- Crop tops with high-waisted trousers/ skirts/ palazzos look like they are made for each other. One can achieve a formal look by pairing high-waisted formal pants with crop tops. Whereas ruffled chiffon crop tops with high-waisted skirts or jeans along with a tote and peep toes are perfect for a get-together. Crop tops with a pair of high-waisted, printed palazzos are an ideal party wear.

15. Crop top with a flannel shirt- For those who are conscious about showing off their midriff; tie a flannel shirt around the waist or layer the crop top with it.

These are some ways of wearing designer crop tops. this is very handy for people who are conscious about revealing too much or about don’t know which style will suit their body type the best.

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